WOMBAT! is here!

WOMBAT! is the one-upping, buzzer-beating, shoutout showdown countdown smackdown game of Word Combat!

Created + designed by Kid Beyond.


Learn WOMBAT! in 90 seconds!


  • 2 to 20 players, age 7+
  • 90 seconds to learn it
  • 12 minutes to play it
  • Everyone plays at once
  • Easy enough for kids
  • Meaty enough for geeks

So if you're craving...

  • An addictive little game to play at the vacation cabin...
  • A snappy alternative to Scrabble or Boggle, or Words with real live Friends...
  • The perfect gift for that game geek or word nerd in your life...

Then WOMBAT! is here for you, baby.

Comes with a free app!


  • Our special timer that restarts with just a tap!
  • A 183,000-word dictionary to settle disputes!
  • Rules, tips, variations and more!

iPhone / iPad:

Coming soon.

Give WOMBAT for Xmas!

The game takes about 2 weeks to get to you.

But if you want to give WOMBAT! as a Christmas gift, we've got you covered!

Just print or email our artisanal gift card!

So buy it already!

WOMBAT! is a deck of 56 beautiful full-color cards, printed on premium ArjoWiggins Playper 305gsm matte blackcore-layer UV-gloss cardstock, with rounded corners.

It's print-on-demand, so it's no-frills:

The deck: $9.99
A box: $1.00

It's a high-quality, clear plastic card box. You'll want to slip it in your pocket and take it everywhere. We recommend buying a box. :)

Try before you buy!

Want to try the game before you buy it?

Download the whole game for free. Print it out on nice cardstock. Cut it up. Play to your heart's content.

And then buy a real copy from us. We'd sure appreciate it.

Need a quicker gift?


For the crossword or sudoku lover in your life!

Great for long trips, with your morning coffee, or on your commute!

Barnes & Noble




Four jams in Kid B's all-vocal / beatbox style, like "I Shall Be Free" and "Wandering Star."

4 killer DJ remixes too!




Get in touch!

We'd love your feedback, questions, any variations you come up with, ideas for new cards... or just say hi!